Intergalactic Fish

cyberpunk as a service

# Weird

corrupted memory diggerday of the studiopipes — In 2017 we spent several weeks building pipes on reddit

# Tools

devsmtpd — A minimal mock SMTP server for development

# Libraries

bin-format — Simplifies defining binary format readers/writers ‣ tree-traversal — Iterative tree structure traversal[hiatus]flac-seektable — Node stream tap for generating a seek table for a FLAC file [hiatus]flac-substream — Node module for streaming subsections of large FLAC files[hiatus]glsl-man — GLSL parser and code generator based on Google's glsl-unit grammar[not maintained]electribe — Electribe ESX 1 file format toolkit for Node[incomplete]

# Geometry

2D: Concave hull of a 2D triangle mesh2D: Ritter's bounding sphere2D: Point in rotated rectangle test2D: Point in triangle test using barycentric coordinates2D: Projecting a point to a line2D: Finding 2D convex hull using Graham scan